"Hold onto your vine - this is gonna be a wild ride!"

Many people have tried to survive in the deep jungles of Cojuru, an ancient island far in the south pacific ocean. And not many have lived to tell the tale. Dangerous animals and traps at every corner threaten your life while traversing the rain forest, making it so that one would need divine protection to survive in this living hell.

Or a spirit as a friend...

Jump into "Spirit of Cojuru", a fast-paced endless runner-style jump'n'run multiplayer game, where one player takes the role of an aboriginee, trying to traverse the jungle, while the second player helps him by becoming the Spirit of Cojuru, saving him of the dangers of nature itself. 

Experience a rush of power, when you help your friend, feel unbeatable running with the help of a spirit and work together flawlessly with your spirit friend to achieve higher and higher scores. Only the sky is the limit!


Player 1: 

"A & D"/ Left arrow and right arrow - Movement

"W"/Up arrow - Jump

If you jump, you automatically place a platform at the position of the mouse

Player 2: 

Move the mouse to aim platforms. If Player 1 jumps and you aim at an existing platform or the player, nothing will happen.

"Left click" - Use the power "Wind gust"

"Right click" - Use the power "Place" and spawn a platform immediately.

General tips

Take care of your stamina and gather water drops - they award you points and fully refill your stamina bar.

Use your powers as player 2 to save player 1 from certain death.

You can jump once every second, even if you're in the air.

Work together and talk.

Avoid enemies and falling out of the screen to prevent you from dying.

Have fun!


Grigory Gusev - Original idea, Game Art, Game Design

Philippe von zur Gathen - Game Programming, Game Design

Max Tromlitz - Game Art, Game Design


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Version 8
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Version 7
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Version 6